Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ground Breaking

On January 22 I had the opportunity to take part in the ground breaking at The North Carolina Leadership Academy.   The ground breaking symbolized many things for The NCLA.  It symbolized the continuation of the journey we all began this school year, and the future of this school.  On this cold winter day we were surrounded by the community leaders, students, the board, and staff to continue the journey.  After the ground was broke we enjoyed dinner, and began planning for the years to come. The building will hopefully be completed in June of 2014, and will open in August of 2014 with 600 new students and staff.  

Everyday Life. ..

The everyday life of the Clayton Family. . .. 

Holiday Season

It is hard to believe that the Holiday Season has come and is now gone. This year we stayed  home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  It was wonderful to relax and enjoy the girls for the entire Holiday Season.  This season the girls met with Santa Claus, viewed light shows, and enjoyed all of the normal Holiday festivities.  For Christmas my parents came and visited with us, and we spent a few days catching up, playing games, and visiting the Science Center.  The girls loved the visit, and my parents enjoyed seeing the girls.  Our next visit is scheduled for April, when we take a family vacation to Orlando, Florida to visit Disney.

Christmas Morning

Hair Cuts

In early November Madelyn's hair started to look shaggy vs. baby hair.  So, we scheduled an appointment at the salon for both Brynn and Madelyn to get their hair cut.  Brynn truly believes that she is a princess, and loves anything to do with the Salon. She sat perfectly, and had a few inches cut off. Madelyn, LOVED all of the sights and sounds of the salon.  However, she was more interested in checking out the Salon then sitting int he chair. Hailey (hairdresser) was great and clipped as much as she could while Madelyn ate her sucker.

Halloween-Catching Up

The blog is way over do for an update.  So, today I am attempting to catch up on all of those events I missed from the Fall.  This Fall we hosted a Halloween Potluck.  Some friends of ours came over for spaghetti, and a fun evening of trick r treating.  This year Brynn was a ballerina, and Madelyn was a pink cat.  Brynn loves the experience of trick r treating, and Madelyn realized their was Candy involved.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sophia the First

 The W-S Children's Museum hosted a Sophia the First Tea Party. At the tea party all the girls made tiaras, princess wands, necklaces, bracelets, colored Sophia pictures, listened to a Sophia book, danced, and ate fancy food.  My mom and I joined Brynn to this fancy event.